Simple Flash Light Circuit Schematic Diagram

Simple flash light circuit can be found in the following figure. This simple flash circuit can be attached to a camera. The lamp being used is a white lamp. IC NE555 works as an astable multivibrator with variation on the frequency. With this circuit, the LED blinks every half second. How long the blink time is, can be adjusted by adjusting the value of capacitor C1. Up to 18 additional LEDs can be attached to this circuit (36 LEDs total).

Simple Flash Light Circuit Diagram

Components :
Diode D1-D2 : 5mm LED
Resistor R1 : 4K7 ohm
Resistor R2 : 1k ohm
Resistor R3-R4 : 330 ohm
Variable resistor VR1 : 100k ohm
Polar capacitor C1 : 10 uF/10 V
Capacitor C2 : 0.01 uF
IC1 : NE555
6V power supply

Estimated price : $2