Circuit Schematic Diagram Baxandall Tone Control Using CA3140 Op-Amp

CA3140 is an operational amplifier suitable for tone control application since it has characteristics of wide bandwith, high slew rate, high output current, high input impedance. Here is the design :

baxandall tone control

Because of the very high input impedance that CA3140 has, low cost, low value, and small size capacitors is not impossible to be implemented. In the circuit schematic above, the tone control circuit use a quite popular Baxandall tone control configuration circuit, which has unity gain at midband and linear potentiometers is used. High slew rate characteristics enable to full peak-to-peak output even at the frequency of 20kHz. The amplifier gain is decreased -3dB from flat response at 70kHz, beyond audible frequency range. This is to ensure the tone control circuit handle perfectly the audio range. [source : Intersil's CA3140 Application Notes]

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