Driving the ADC14DS105 High-Speed A/D Converter for High Performance

Inside the application notes, it is decribed that the ADC14DS105 is a dual 14-bit 105 MHz converter with serial LVDS outputs. It has an input bandwidth of 1 GHz and a low power of 1W total. The ADC14DS105 is useful in many applications. Its dual channels are handy for I and Q channel processing, useful in the design of communication systems and basestations. Design implementation will be discussed, focused on how to provide input signals and clock to the ADC14DS105 and reading data from its serial interface. Lastly, the unique output drive details are reviewed.

Input signal conditioning : Achieving 14-bit performance requires applying an input with good phase and amplitude matching to the differential pins of the analog input. Converters with switched cap inputs can be challenging, but this challenge can be overcome by using a good high frequency transformer or buffer amplifier such as the LMH6552.

For more details, download the pdf Semiconductor application notes (source : www.national.com) :


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