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How to Store, Reflow and Solder ON Semiconductor Hybrids

This application note is prepared by ON Semiconductor. ON Semiconductor’s hybrids are miniature thick?film hybrids housing integrated circuits, ceramic chip capacitors, tantalum capacitors and discrete thick?film resistors. The package may use flip chip technology, wire bond technology and surface mount technology to connect various devices to a thick?film substrate. The hybrid inputs and outputs are pre?tinned copper pads, with the typical spacing between
adjacent input/output pads of 0.25 mm (10 mil). ON Semiconductor’s hybrid circuits that can be reflowed on to alumina, flex and FR4 materials use conventional reflow methods. The following information is to provide assistance to design and production personnel in the attachment of hybrid packages onto printed circuit boards or alumina substrates. For information on whether a hybrid is reflowable, refer to the note in Hybrid Layout and Dimensions in the appropriate hybrid data sheet.

Application note’s content including the reflow introduction, storage and shelf life, general handling and storage precautions, reflow, hybrid configuration, Non-ROHS compliant hybrids, suggested attachment land geometry for hybrid package devices, suggested stencil design, solder application equipment, solder reflow, solder printing using semiautomatic screen printer, rework precautions, point to point solder introduction, general soldering recommendations, and more.